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When Anatole France uttered the words "Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." she was absolutely right!

Happiness and love are some of the key emotions animals bring humans on a daily basis. They make you more positive, compassionate and happier in general. They not only teach you how to connect with others and live for today, but also trust your intuition and remember to play, to not take life to seriously.

Either if you want to learn about a new career path, develop practical skills, improve your resume or just looking for an unforgettable time, volunteering with animals will contribute to your life on so many levels.

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As you did not stumble upon our page, but were exploring options to volunteer with animals we are excited to share the possibility to volunteer abroad with animals!

There are a broad range of animal volunteer programs abroad letting you gain hands-on experience with animals and their habitat. From being involved in a call out to rescue a zebra to developing enrichment toys for cheetah and from collecting data on the Great White Shark to removing invader plant species in the natural habitat of the lion.

Whether you want to be an animal sanctuary volunteer abroad or a marine conservation volunteer, we have a selection of programs to accommodate you.

The only thing we are concerned about is if you’re an animal lover, not if you have no, little or a lot of experience in animal care.


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